2013 Susquehanna River Fishing Reports

Susquehanna River Fly and Spin Guide Service fishing report for fall 2013:
Late summer and the fall football fishing here on the Susquehanna has been good with multiple species being caught such as Carp on the fly, football shaped Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, and even Flathead Catfish in the mix. This is a great time to target smallies and even walleye on fly with streamers for walleye and my crayfish fly the "Hancock Craw" have been working well. A few willing Musky have also been chasing some of our larger artificial lures all the way to the boat. We have been using a mix of jigs, flies, moving baits, and live bait depending on species.
I've been receiving some calls and emails about the condition of the fishery and here are my observations of this past summer and fall:
Some fish still have signs of the black markings and sores but not near as many as we saw last season. Their numbers are not what they use to be but the smallmouth we have been catching are of quality size and we are even starting to see varying sizes from 6" up to 21" this season. Different sizes mean different year class. This is a good sign but only time, more conservation, and protection of the existing population is key to maintaining and preserving the fishery.  Here are three things we can do as responsible anglers. Play the fish but not to exhaustion, proper handling by a wet hand and supporting the fish if you remove it from the water, and reviving the fish until it swims freely from your hand.
Give us a call to get in on the Fall Smallmouth Football Fishing. Or if you'd like to try your hand at walleye fishing the bite has also started to pick up and will continue into the winter months.
Your Susquehanna Fishing Guide, Captain Steve Hancock

Susquehanna River Fly and Spin Fishing Guide fishing report Late August 2013: Water levels have dropped this past week and fishing has been decent on the Susquehanna River.  The water is clear in some areas and stained up in others.  My happy clients have been catching fish ranging from 8" to 19 1/2" using fly and spin gear with various artificial presentations and techniques.  Lots of carp are around and willing to take a well presented fly. "Fall Smallie Football Season" is fast approaching and the catching of these monster Smallmouth Bass is only going to get better as the season progresses. Mother natureís seasonal transformation of the landscape from the lush green of summer to fallís collage of red, orange, brown, and yellow foliage is truly a great time to fish and experience the Susquehanna River. Get Bent and Sling Some String with us this fall!  Your Susquehanna River Fishing Guide Captain Steve Hancock-----<*)}}}}}}><

Susquehanna River Fly Fishing Guide Fishing Report for August 2013: The weather has been decent and the Smallmouth Bass action has been non stop.  At times we are seeing some double hook ups for my anglers.  The fish are ranging in size from 10" to 19" and have been striking, jumping, and fighting hard all the way to the boat.  My fly creation, the Hancock Craw Fly, has been working well for Smallmouth.  Large Common Carp are also around and willing to eat a well presented fly.  Give us a call to get in on the hot summer action!

Susquehanna River Fly and Spin Guide Service Fishing Report for July 2013: The Susquehanna River has been providing good fishing this time of year.  The main focus this time of year is Carp and Smallmouth.  When the Carp are hungry, flies have been a good tackle to use. Speaking of flies, The Hancock Craw Fly has been working well for catching most of the Smallies. Some large Smallmouth up to 18 1/2" have been caught on jigs and fast moving baits and flies. Smaller 2nd and 3rd year class Smallmouth have also been caught on the same tackle. The summer catching can be fun as the fish are chasing and active. Give us a call to enjoy some great summer scenery while hooking up with some hard pulling fish. Your Susquehanna River fishing guide, Captain Steve Hancock.-----<*)}}}}}}}><